Experienced Emotions during Reading

This study aims to investigate experienced emotions while reading texts.
In this study, you will read 8 texts. While reading a sentence, please select one of the emoji expressions 表情 that represents your emotional state. There is no time limit for reading the texts or filling out the questions, so please pay close attention and take the time you need.

◉ Who can be our participants?
People over 18 years old, residing in the United States, and possess fluent reading and writing skills in English.
◉ How long will the study take?
The investigation will take approximately 1 hour
◉ Compensation?
You will receive £7.5 for your entry
◉ Experimental environment?
Please read this webpage on a desktop computer or laptop, preferably with using Google Chrome browser
◉ Risks and inconveniences?
There are no known risks associated with this study
◉ Protection of privacy?
We do not ask you to leave your personal information. You will not be identified by name or in any other recognizable way in any files, results or publications related to the study. Anonymized data will be stored in the Open Science Framework, OSF.

If you have any questions about the study, please don't hesitate to contact: Yi-Lun Jheng (Yi-Lun.Jheng@uantwerpen.be)

Following the instructions above, I understand and consent to participate in this experiment voluntarily.

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